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SkierLab online ski lessons are student centered. Every skier needs to follow a different pathway to success. Our system allows you to personalize your skill development journey, based on your unique challenges and goals.

Armed with an understanding of cause and effect, you’ll pay close attention to subtle cues offered by your body, your equipment and your surroundings in order to give yourself effective feedback on performance.

You’ll become your own ski instructor, but when you can’t figure it out on your own, we’re there to guide you.

Meet the Coaches

Tobin Leopkey - Head Ski Coach - CSIA Level 4

Tobin Leopkey - CSIA Level 4 Instructor, CSIA Snow Park, Alpine Canada Development Coach, BCFA Freestyle Club Coach, CSGA Level 1 Ski Guide, Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training Graduate

Tobin Leopkey is a middle age ski bum who honed his skills on the steep and deep tree lines of Vancouver Island, Canada. He took his first ski instructor certification in 1992 at the age of 16. Now slightly creakier, he’s still passionate about teaching people to slide down snowy hills.

Having taught on 5 continents and many mountains along the way, Tobin is a Level 4 Course Conductor with the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) as well as the Professional Ski Instructors of Canada (PSIC). 

Since 2005, Tobin has been owner and head coach of Section 8 Snow Sports, running ski instructor courses, mountain leadership programs and all mountain ski improvement camps around the world.

How to ski steeps

Helen Campbell works as the Technical Director For the Mount Washington Snow School and helps coordinate Section 8’s Snowsport Leadership Training program.

Helen started skiing at 4 years of age at Whakapapa in New Zealand, began ski racing at 11 and did her first full season teaching at 15. It turns out skiing is addictive! In 2007 she came over to Canada to teach a season at Mount Washington and she’s been stuck here ever since.

Helen is a CSIA Course Conductor and Level 4 certified instructor. She‘s also working on a Masters Degree in Psychology, which comes in pretty handy whilst trying to convince students to do irrational things like sliding really fast down an icy pitch. Secretly, she also teaches snowboarding and is mom to some ridiculously cute twins.

Helen Campbell - CSIA Level 4 Ski Instructor

Helen Campbell - CSIA Level 4 Instructor, CSIA Snow Park Instructor, CASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor, Bachelor of Psychology

Sample Some Stuff…

There’s nothing wrong with your ski technique…

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The Gravity Dance – Physics 101 For Ski Bums

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Tips for Skiing Powder

Patience For Powder – Tips & Tactics for Skiing Fresh Snow

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loading deflection and angular acceleration In skiing

Loading, Deflection & Angular Momentum to Maximize Ski Performance

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Get a Grip, Decide When to Slip and Manage Your Turn Shape

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Boot Hacking 101 - Are your ski boots helping you ski?

Are your ski boots helping you be a bad ass skier… or a bad skier?

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New to Skiing? Start with the basics…

Beginner Progression

First Day On Snow to Linking Snowplow Turns

Beginner Skiing Progression - First Day On Snow

Novice Progression

Snowplow To Basic Parallel Turns

Novice Progression - Wedge To Parallel

All Abilities

From beginner to expert to professional skiers, We welcome all snow sliders who want to learn.

Ski Community

A supportive private community where you can ask questions and get feedback on your skiing.

Learning Formula

Not just a series of generic ski lessons. Troubleshoot technique and discover self directed skill development that works

Personalized Approach

Video analysis with personal development plans available.

Expert Coaches

Have a team of world class ski instructors at your finger tips (CSIA examiners… not really doctors:)

Great Value

A years worth of online ski lessons for less than the price of one regular lesson

Tired of Face Planting?

Outsmart Your Ski Instructor

& Troubleshoot Your Own Technique