Beginner Skiing Progression – Linked Wedge Turns

Now that a skier can turn both ways... it's time to start linking turns together and exploring the mountain. Most skiers prefer the added stability of a wedge initally.


Link turns together managing speed and turn shape while discovering the new areas of the mountain. Gradually increase challenge with more speed or steeper terrain.

Tactical Considerations:

Experiment with different turn shapes so you can manage speed as the terrain changes.

Letting the skis run to gain speed will may life easier on gentle slopes, however, steering quicly out of the fall line will help control speed as the terrain gets steeper.

A wide corridor is easy for beginers, however a narrow corrideor is typically safer, especially on crowed runs.

Technical Considerations:

  • Use all joints to maintain balance in the middle of the skis
  • Lead the turning effort with the lower body
  • Use seperation and angulation to manage grip
  • Time and coordinate the moves to link turns efficiently and adjust turn shape to terrain and conditions.

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