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December 2, 2019

Balancing on skis in a straight run

It's your first day on skis! You've figured out how to get your gear on and shuffle around on the flats... now it's time to start sliding. Where’s the Bunny Hill!


To balance on a gliding platform. 

Hike to the top of a short gentle slope with a nice flat run out. Point your skis down the hill. If you’ve got em, you can use your your poles to help get set up. Then let just yourself go!

Technical Considerations:

Stay Centered: Maintain pressure/balance through the middle of both skis. The feet should support the mass and the skier should avoid using the equipment to support them.

An Athletic Stance: Joints should be slightly flexed in a position of readyness to move and balance. If boots are set up correctly the shins should lightly contact the boot tongue. Knees are slightly bent, spine is neutral and hands out in front.

Add Challenge:

Test balance & mobility in all joints by trying:

  • Hops while sliding (bring the skis off the snow evenly)
  • Flexion while sliding (duck under a pole and maintain balance in the middle)
  • Lift one foot then the other while sliding to test lateral balance

Too Scary?

Choose totally flat terrain and push with the poles.


Skiers at this level may not be able to STOP. Choose Terrain wisely.

  • Select a short shallow pitch with a flat (or slightly uphill) run out to assist with stopping.
  • The bunny slope is often the most crowded/dangerous place on the mountain. Pick quiet area away from traffic and always look up hill before you go to avoid being hit by out control skiers above.

Trouble Shooting Symptoms:

The most common issue for first time gliders is balance as they typically aren’t used to the reduced friction under their feet.

As the skis slide forward the center of mass often gets left behind putting pressure towards the tails of the skis. Loss of control is the result. Look at all the joints and try to determine if one needs to bend or extend to balance in the middle fo the skis. 

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Science Friction - Ski Technique Diagnostics

Outsmart your ski instructor and troubleshoot your own ski technique

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Science Friction - Ski Technique Diagnostics

Outsmart your ski instructor and troubleshoot your own ski technique

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