Carving – Various Turn Shapes

This demonstration video may appear to be a shameless promotion for Piste to Peak Volume #3. That's because this is the teaser video for it... so I guess it is! We'll document some more specific carving objectives in future posts, but for the time being this demonstrates a fairly broad spectrum of carved turn shapes.  

Demonstration Objectives:

  • Use the ski design (the side cut's self steering effect) to create various turn shapes.
  • Leave clean tracks in the snow where the tail of the ski follow the same path as the tip.
  • Show various corridor widths.
  • Show various degrees of loading and deflection.
  • Link turns from one arc to the next. 

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2 years ago

I’ve found P2P3 to be incredibly helpful for working on carving. A wealth of technical concepts, drills, internal cues, goal progression all in the usual irreverent Section 8 style. Had one issue with it: Whilst waiting for it to arrive, I spent the better part of a year’s worth of evenings gathering all the info I could find on the net on carving turns (web sites, youtube, vimeo, blogs, vlogs, whatever). And then, for roughly $30, others get all that effort (and more) in one easy to use package. Probably the totally wrong time to ask this question, given the… Read more »

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