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What do you use SkierLab for? Poll is created on Mar 14, 2021


[Sticky] What do you use SkierLab for?


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Please select all that are relevant or comment to add stuff I haven’t thought of.

If I were actively teaching, I'd have also chosen Number 3.

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If world travel ever gets going again would also pick #7. Hopefully some day...


I really appriciate Section 8, because not only the boss is such a great and nice person, and also let me say sort of everyone's favourite, Section 8 simply fine tune us.
How I found Section 8 and be part of is a kind of Ninja secret, but once you join the camp, somehow you are going to find that Section 8 isn't only expert, but also always you will have fun with naturally loosing your mind and ski better...


This site came up yesterday in some FB forum.

Coach Me - Episode 1

Have to register - so far seems ok (not been bombarding with marketing).

This 1st lesson shows a clip of some good high level skiing and takes users through a quizz to diagnose an issue and suggest a drill. As it stands only a single episode loaded however the approach is interesting.

However, suspect it would be quite labor intensive to create content in that style and would need their same web applications.

As a suggestion for this site was wondering if there is an alternate but simpler way to help those of us keen to improve analysis and improvement skills. Basically use the spoiler feature to hide content of others until we've have had a chance to see the vid and put down our own thoughts. Honor system only. For vids I'd suggest L3 exam candidate vids as it's typical of the skiing likely to be encountered in an L3 Teach Exam.

Is anyone interested in participating either to hone MA skills or provide feedback on the MA?

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@geepers interesting, I will check that out this evening. 

With regards to MA practise. Getting some better resources online for you guys has been on my list for a while. I was hoping we’d get some more interest in the SSSS Personal Development Plans so everyone could learn from each other’s analysis and development... but not much action there yet.

I’ve Also been collecting some footage to beef up the diagnostics tool... just need to get to work on it:)

Meanwhile, perhaps we can encourage more folks to upload to the MA forums. 

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Pretty interesting way to present the info

Posted by: @geepers

This site came up yesterday in some FB forum.

Coach Me - Episode 1

Pretty interesting way to present the info. I’m curious to know what technology they’re using to create quizzes mid video like that.

Yes, it's a good way of presenting the content. Like to use that method in our own business training.

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