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[Sticky] Your Favorite Future Features  


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Hi Everyone,

Please vote for your favorite features to be included in the new Secret Snow Sliding Society premium membership. If you've got a good idea that isn't included please add a response so folks can up or down vote it.

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A few more features I'm looking to implement over the summer:

  • Currently, in the works: More graphics and videos throughout the primary site to make everything more engaging and easier to understand.
  • General development plans for each symptom linking to specific drills and cues
  • Teaching templates for those going on courses
  • Symptom Videos, Assessment templates and M/A Videos
  • Downloadable drill sheets and checklists
  • And of course, planning to continue building the Drill Library, Q-Corner and other areas of the site (I had intentions to film nothing but drills all spring, but that plan was foiled due to the abrupt end to the season so going to have to get creative:). 

Any other ideas? Let me know what would be most helpful so we can all hit the ground running when the snow flies again in the fall.


This all sounds great. The development plans sound particularly interesting.

Do you envisage the Symptom Videos, Assessment templates and M/A Videos being available for instructors to develop their assessment skills as well as you giving feedback to people? There's nothing I found more helpful in improving my eye than some guided MA. I used Ken's videos from Whistler so I could see if my thoughts matched his. 

I am always blown away by what you top guys see and how you see it fitting into a progression. 

@adrian_hamilton on each symptom page I’m thinking to add a few example clips of each symptom. In addition, I hope to do some more in depth assessment sessions for SSSS members.


Not very helpfully I have voted for everything.


I'm like Adrian - it will all be good.

In terms of priority, I'd love to see more in depth MA on a variety of skiers: intermediates, advanced, L2/L3/L4 candidates, demo team try-outs, racers in full flight. It all helps to understand what is going on. And L4s have a wonderful eye for it.

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