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Coping on heavy, wet fresh snow


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This type of snow is the one I have the most difficulty in handling. Fortunately it's not too common.

Issue is that the skis sink into the snow and then getting them to change direction becomes challenging. The snow I have in mind is light enough that the skis won't stay long on top - any weight and then sink - and yet it's heavy enough that the ruts the ski makes don't readily allow the ski to rotate. Which makes short radius turns and quick direction changes problematic.

I'm using 88mm under foot  and, yes, a wider ski would help but that's not always an option.

When the pow is light (e.g. Okanagan champagne :-)) no problems. 

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Sometimes the only way to get the skis to redirect in heavy snow is to get them out of it!

Find a terrain feature to lift you out of the snow... or use an aggressive retraction move to help the transition. If you have little momentum you may even need to resort to a rapid extension... or pop.

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Hmmm... ok, will give that a try next time. Does make it hard to keep a smoothly progressing turn shape. 


With some speed it's no problem... if you're going slow... then it's a different story.

That's a good point. The biggest challenge, when I think about it, is on a mild blue slope where it takes a while to get some speed, the skis are making a deep rut and there's not a lot of force to work with.

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