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What's your favourite resort/ area  

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With snow flying, even here in the Northwest of England and many of us not able to get our ski fix I am thinking back to good times skiing. Where is the best place you have ever skied and why?

It's not an easy question to answer for me but everything considered I have decided on Mount Washington BC. It's not the biggest resort by any means. It does have some fantastic terrain and most years the deepest snow you will ever see, but for me the biggest reason is nostalgic. Me and my wife spent 5 wonderful months there teaching a few years ago. They were the best times.

Other places worth an honourable mention: Sunshine Village AB, Sun Peaks BC, Saas Fee in Switzerland.

I look forward to hearing your favourites.

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Well, as an Islander who grew up skiing on Mount Washington I’m going to have to agree with you there.

With a close second going to another Island favourite Mount Cain. I know I’ve shared this a few times but I must do it again:):

Also on my list of favs:

  • Whistler/Blackcomb
  • Revelstoke
  • Castle Mountain
  • Treble Cone
  • Broken River
  • Nevados de Chillan
  • Fernie
  • Nozawa Onsen
  • Cortina (The one in Hakuba, Japan... although the original in the Dolomites is also beautiful)
  • Hintertux
  • Red Mountain
  • Whitewater
  • Panorama
  • Squaw Valley
  • Jackson Hole
  • I cant stop...

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It's a difficult one. It will definitely be a Canadian ski area and I think for majestic scenery on top of a fantastic ski area I am going for Lake Louise.

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