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Knee angle flex requirement


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I'm 72 years old and just had double knee replacements. I am out for this season but would like to find out what is a required angle of knee bend for good advanced skiing, both on piste and off.  I would appreciate any person with experience or knowledge to answer this question. Thanks in advance. Steve

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@srkstewart Knee angles aren’t something I ever measure precisely, but expert mogul skiers will find themselves flexing both knees well over 90 degrees in some instances (possibly to squatting levels of 140 or so degrees)... but for the vast majority of recreational skiing situations you can get away with a lot less.

As a test for an ideal range of motion, I’ll often see if skier can get their hips level with their knees (while wearing ski boots on flat terrain) but I would say even with as little as 60 degrees bend you’ll be able to ski with fairly advanced performance in a wide variety of terrain and conditions.

I’m not sure whether it’s relevant in your case, but usually the leg that deals with any sort of force stays fairly long and the deeper flexion of the knee joints happens when they are unweighted, either with the inside leg or through the transition.

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Thanks ski nerd you just gave a informative and helpful answer in a timely manner. 

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