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The long and short of it. Comments welcome!


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Here's a couple of videos of my short and long turns.

They were on a relatively mellow red run in warm conditions where the snow was just softening on a firm base.


All comments and suggestions are welcome!




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Nice turns Denry:) The foundation looks really solid and the skis are working quite well considering the low angle terrain. I'm guessing if you bump it up to something steeper and a little faster you'll get some more reaction from them.

My biggest suggestion to get more direction out of the skis is to engage the front half of the outside ski a bit more at the initiation by keeping up with your feet through the transition.

The subtleties of this are difficult to explain. Basically the downhill leg bends as the uphill one begins to lengthen but in such a way that your mass continues to move somewhat in the direction of the old turn until the platform is established on the other side.

The cue that seems to work for me is to think of the pelvis moving diagonally across the skis in transition rather than directly across (although in reality that may be what's happening). The sensation will vary quite a bit depending on the turn shape. For example, it may feel like your your pelvis is being projected towards a point just inside your downhill ski tip as you release the turn. Then try to feel the front of the new outside ski engage before trying to move the hip too far inside.  

Although incredibly subtle, from a symptom point of view you could look at some of the causes of Scissors  

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Thanks very much, I've had a wee look and will work a bit more on both FOre/afte balance and lateral balance as I think that will definitely help.  Those vids were taken late in the day when the snow was getting really heavy, so I was moving slower oveer the snow than I had been earlier in the day so my timing was changed.  I guess that tells me that I need to feel what's going on and anticipate/react to it in real time, rather than having a 'stock' turn shape/timing. 

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