Skill Development:Develop cues for turning the femur in the hip socketExagerate or isolate upper and lower body seperationGood progression towards Javelin Turns. Developing leg rotation cues for Javelin Hockey StopsHow to Perform: Perform a Hockey Stop by starting in the fall line and steering skis across the hill to a complete stop. Then pick up the uphill ski and cross over the downhill ski, ensuring pelvis/hip bones are aligned with the crossed over ski. It basically puts the skier into a position with extreme upper and lower body separation. The idea is aim to eventually lead the turning effort with the lower body during the hockey stop portion of the excercise and just use the jabberwocky portion to help the skier verifiy whether they got it right. Drill Focus & Objectives:Ideally you want the Jabberwoky position to be a result of leading with the legsLook at the hips pelvis to ensure they're lined up with the crossed over skiFocus turing with the femurs and feet (avoid upper body rotation)Align pole plant direction with pelvisVariations:Progress to Javelin Hockey Stops... then linked JavelinsTry with hands on hip bones to cue whether legs are leading the steering angleCues for turning with the legs:Belly button down…
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