Javelin Turns

Skill Development:Lead the turning effort with the lower body and develop seperationBalance against the outside skiGives skier immediate feedback when out of balanceHow to Perform: While linking turns, lift the inside ski off the snow and steer the outside ski underneath the inside ski tip... so they cross or the outside tips rests over top of the inside ski tip.Can be performed in short to large radius turns. Drill Focus & Objectives:Focus turning with the femurs and feet (avoid upper body rotation)Steer ski under lifted ski... rather than just crossing lifted ski over steering ski.Ski crossing should come on progressively towards the end of the turn where more seperation would typically develop if leading with the legs.Focus on a round turn shapeSymptoms of fore/aft, rotational, lateral imbalances willl be amplified and should cue adjustments. Watch for putting the inside ski down early.Variations:You can use a Jabberwocky progression or Javelin Hockey Stops to build up to JavelinsTry while dragging poles to help stabilize the upper bodyTry with hands on hip bones to challenge balance and cue whether legs are leading the steering angle.Drag tail of inside ski... or move tail of ski into a wider air plowCues for turning with the legs:keep the upper body stable with the belly button pointing towards the outside of the turn (or the bum to the insde of the turn)... while the knees/feet/ski tips lead the turn.Steer knees/feet/ski tips across hill while reaching down the hill for a pole plantCaution: Take usual precautions for drillsJavelins can…
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2 years ago

For me the challenge to fore aft balance is the biggest issue and my internal cue is to maintain shin contact, especially on my right foot turns where my brain wants to pull me away. Tip down a bit will help.

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