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Get input from top ski pros all year for less than a private lesson. 

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Skier lab - Join the Science Friction CLub and improve your ski technique.

Lab Analysis

Answer a short questionnaire and upload some video of your skiing for lab analysis. We’ll do a detailed technical assessment to find the route cause of your symptoms.

Personal Development Plan

Based on your Lab Analysis, we’ll build your personal training plan. You’ll essentially get a blog page (only visible to SSSS members) dedicated exclusively to you. We’ll mark up the videos you send us with feedback and create a development plan linking with specific cues, drills and training strategies to help you reach your objectives. 

As your skiing progresses, upload more videos and we’ll update your plan. You’ll have a running log of your training so you can pinpoint which strategies bring your biggest wins.

Secret Society Deals

SSSS members get the very best deals on our live ski training camps and courses… plus exclusive discounts on ski holidays with our travel partners. Take advantage of this and and you’ll make your membership investment back and more. 

Plus all the stuff you know and Iove from the…

Science Friction Club


Assess skills by observing your skis interaction with the snow

Skiing Skill Assessment & MA - Movement Analysis

Cue Corner

Connect your brain &  body with cues for motor  skill development

Cue Corner - Discover New Skiing Movements

Drill Library

Develop ski technique with drills & training tactics for all levels

Ski Drills Library


Forums to ask questions, receive feedback & discuss strategy

Skiing Community Forums

Progression Sessions

Set your sights high and follow a step by step pathway towards your goals

Ski Progressions - Setting Objectives
Ski Improvement Progressions

Teaching Resources

Just think of all the tips and request lesson you’ll be raking in when your students actually start skiing better

Skiing Skill Assessement

…and much more with new features and content added all the time.

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