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Lab Analysis & Personalized Skier Development Plan

$250.00 for 1 year

Important Note: Lab Analysis requires an active Science Friction Club membership. Personal Skill Development Plans refer to resources within the SkierLab Drill Library, Skier Anatomy reference and other locked content.

Let our team of highly qualified ski pros do a deep analysis of your ski technique…

Step #1: Upload a video clip of your skiing and answer a short questionnaire.

Step #2: One of our CSIA Level 4 instructors will do a detailed video analysis of your skiing. 

Step #3: We’ll build a webpage inside SkierLab with a personalized plan for skill development.

Step #4: You go try the drills, tactics and cues we recommend.

Step #5: Ask questions in the comments if you’re unsure of anything.

Step # 6: Upload more video. You get unlimited follow ups for 1 full year.  We’ll assess your progress and tweak your plan.

Video analysis for skiers
Skier Analysis using OnForm
Side by side skier comparison
Skier video feedback