Private Digital Development

$200.00 / month and a $100.00 sign-up fee

Online Coaching with @SkiNerd… aka Tobin Leopkey, head coach for Section 8 Snowsports and creator of SkierLab.

Receive personsalized video analysis and ongoing coaching via the OnForm mobile video analysis app.

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This remote coaching service uses the OnForm mobile coaching app (originally developed for golf pros) to give you one on one feedback on your skiing.

All you need is a decent phone and a ski buddy who is willing to shoot a little video. You can instantly upload a specifc skiing objective, or a drill you’re working on, and I’ll mark up your video or comment with feedback whenever I have a moment (usually within 24 hours).

This system allows for convenient ongoing coaching, without the hassle of appointments, from anywhere in the world.

Private mobile ski coaching

Note: This service is available only to Secret Snow Sliding Society members as I’ll often reccommend drills and exercises demonstrated in the drill library.

Private Digital Development is reccommended for those committed to onging improvement. After the inital sign up fee and first month’s payment, you will be automatically charged for continued service on a monthly basis. You can pause or cancel your virtual coaching subscription anytime from within your SkierLab account, and your service will remain valid until the next billing period. Please keep in mind refunds cannot be given for unused months of service.