Secret Snow Sliding Society

$88.00 / year

SkierLab’s premium membership is a secret society of ski geeks who like to perform experiments on their ski technique. Members get exclusive access to advanced skill development tools and tutorials.

Join us to transform your skiing… or help others to improve theirs.

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Secret Snow Siding Society

Improve your ski technique or teach others to improve theirs with Skierlab's premium membership.

  • Solve symptoms with SkierLab's Diagnostics Tool
  • Build skills with the Drill Library
  • Figure out new moves in the Cue Corner
  • Get Lab Analysis of your skiing and a Personal Development Plan
  • Take baby steps towards your goals with Progression sessions
  • Ski instructor training and Teaching Resources
  • Get Secret Deals on ski camps, training courses & ski related products.
  • Ski Technique Diagnostics

    Comprehensive Drill Library

    Skill Building Cues

    Supportive Community

    Teaching Resources


    Included at no extra cost: The complete Piste To Peak Intructional video series

    P2P Volume #1

    Skiing Fundamentals

    $25.00 FREE

    P2P Volume #2

    The lost Art of Slushy Bumps, Icy Bumps & Everything In Between

    $29.00 FREE

    P2P Volume #3

    Carving Corduroy

    $29.00 FREE

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