Progression Sessions

Do your skiing goals seem impossible? Try taking baby steps with a skier progression.

It can helpful break down a larger goal or objective that seems a long way off into a series of smaller more achievable objectives.

It’s important to understand that everyone is different and learns at their own pace, so these progression sessions aren’t meant to be rigid. A learner can use all the steps... add more if needed... or skip ahead if it comes easily.

Keep an eye out for those pesky symptoms. You’ll still need to troubleshoot each step along the way based on the interaction between the skis and the snow. Then find appropriate cues to help you build the moves.

Ski Progressions - Setting Objectives

Create objectives that are challenging but achievable based on the learner and the situation

Beginner Progression

First Day On Snow to Linking Snowplow Turns

Beginner Skiing Progression - First Day On Snow

Novice Progression

Snowplow To Basic Parallel Turns

Novice Progression - Wedge To Parallel

Intermediate, advanced and expert progressions coming soon!

Volume #1

Skiing Fundamentals

Volume #2

The Lost Art of Slushy bumps, Icy Bumps & Everything in between

Volume #3

Carving Corduroy

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