Lateral Balance & Edge ControlPerhaps more than any other sport, precise lateral moves are crucial to skiing.The combination of balance and edge control are inseparable.Inclination & Lateral BalanceThe universal rule of thumb is to balance primarily against the outside ski. Of course there are exceptions, but the outside leg is much better equipped from a strength and mechanics perspective to deal with the large lateral forces in a turn. Balance on the outside ski typically puts more force onto the skis edge in order to bite the snow and means the inside ski is there as a backup when things go sideways... literally and figuratively.   What is Inclination?Inclination is the term ski instructor use to describe the action of leaning into a turn that every skier does naturally. Inclination is absolutely necessary to balance against the momentum pulling your mass toward the outside of the arc. If you don’t do this enough, you are instantly aware of it as you rag doll head over heels down the rest of the pitch.Conveniently inclination also comes packaged with the added benefit of tipping our skis on edge. Sadly for us skiers, too much of a good thing usually has undesirable consequences. Just…
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