by SkiNerd 

October 2, 2017

Everybody would prefer to ski on a beautiful blue bird day... but you just spent 3 hours driving to the resort and your weeks wages on lift tickets for the whole family. Your going skiing if it's last thing you do! 

Look on the bright side... there's probably some fresh snow and nobody else is out tracking it up. Here's a few tips to help you make the most of it...

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I like skiing, outdoorsy stuff, artsy stuff... and hanging with my family;)

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5 years ago

Great tips, skinerd. Having skied a season at Big Whiteout*, I have a couple more that may help on limited vis days: 1. Follow the guy/girl in the high vis jacket. (Quick now, before they get out of sight!) Assuming the person in front knows what they are doing and isn’t skiing too fast,a lead skier provides a reference point in a field of white and an indicator of conditions. (If they suddenly disappear it may be a good idea to stop…) 2. Ski near or in the trees. Trees provide a static reference point and colour contrast. They also… Read more »

Jessi Morris
Jessi Morris
11 months ago

Skiing Mount Fogington, as the locals coined it, for my home mountain certainly provides plenty of opportunity to play with this… I have certainly been “voluntold” to be the leading “beacon” plenty of times in my bright orange jacket… After several concussions my Mom gets pretty bad vertigo in the fog… relentless as they come though she insists on coming out skiing even though she knows it will make her go green… Far from graceful in it… I find it entertaining and useful to keep the line shorts, traffic on the runs low, and typically as mentioned above more chances… Read more »

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