May 13, 2023

Thanks Adrian for volunteering this exercise to begin the discussion of the pros and cons of a variety of exercises that are relevant to skiers and why. Check out this demonstration with the assistance of Sochi the skeleton, my trusted helper since 2014. This video is an extreme range of motion example of a Nordic Hamstring Curl.  

This is an excellent exercise to gradually work towards. I highly recommend doing just that, as it is a bit aggressive to jump right into without some proper build up. Keep tuning in for tactics that will help you learn how to find your ideal exercise progressions for your skiing objectives.   

Instead of me simply telling you the steps involved and the reasons why, let's try opening up a discussion in the comments... 

Who would this be an appropriate exercise for? 

What would be some basic recommended prerequisites before attempting this exercise, and why? 

Why would this be helpful specifically to skiers? 

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Jessi Morris

Ski bum by day, Athletic Therapist by night, life is better in the mountains, that's why I hardly ever leave. I live full time in Bear Lodge on Mount Washington where I have my own clinic set up for injury prevention, injury management, and skier specific strength. I ski because I love it. Refining technique keeps me on my toes. Plus, it allows me to nerd out on the anatomy, physiology and overall biomechanics of it which is totally my jam! Cheers to new ski buddies and more ski stories! 

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19 days ago

I do a slightly different and less extreme version from a 90 degree kneeling position with heels anchored then slowly lowering gradually and as far as possible for a slow count of 5 until failure.
A good strength foundation would be essential for this exercise.
It trains the eccentric contraction of the posterior chain which is somewhat what we are asking our bodies to do, especially making long performance turns at higher speeds. This is my understanding at least.

18 days ago
Reply to  Jessi Morris

I’m not doing it currently until after my surgery as it creates a lot of pressure. It’s an exercise I’ve used on and off for a couple of years and incorporate it into at least one strength session per week. Warren Jobbitt also recommends it if I remember correctly. I usually stick with 3 x 5 reps. The changing parameters are how low and slow you can go. I use 2 variations, one where there’s genuine failure and you fall forward so have a mat to land on. The other is to go as far forward as you can while… Read more »

Matthew Bowes
Matthew Bowes
17 days ago

This is excellent Adrian – I don’t know if I could pull off the Sochi version, as demonstrated here, but I like your suggestion of a modified version. As someone who suffers from very tight hamstrings (like all my life), I am thinking about the relationship between strengthening and flexibility, both of which I have started to work on this season with Jessi. In less technical terms, I am thinking of skiing with a ‘long leg,’ particularly at hight speeds, as you suggest.

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