April 10, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, we, the Section 8 Interns, had the opportunity to join a ski-fit class in a new strength training gym in Comox Valley! We hope you will enjoy the workout we filmed for you! Here´s a little more about Wild+ United and Ski-Fit:

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“We Comox Valley folks are so lucky to live at the base of a great full-service ski hill as well as have access to enough backcountry skiing to last a lifetime here on the island. Ski FIT is a supplementary workout to prepare your body to hit the slopes and then maintain your resilience throughout ski season. Morgan, a personal trainer, who also happens to be a ski instructor, offers this class twice a week as part of wild + United's unlimited membership. The workout trains your core and limbs to work both individually as well as in concert in preparation for our favourite island snow conditions: powder, groomers, crud, ice and more.”

The Workout

General warm-up: (not shown in video)

5-10 minutes general warm-up, for example running, cycling, walking. You can do this outside or inside, using a treadmill, cross trainer or indoor bike

Dynamic Warm-Up:

  • Closed chain airplanes
  • Inchworms

When you ski, your upper and lower body are moving separately and that is what we are mobilizing with these exercises!

Circuit 1 for Strength & Stability:

  • Airplanes on Bosu - if needed, use a partner to hold on to, stabilize the leg
  • Pistol squats/box - touch box with bum, one leg
  • Swiss ball rotation drill- ball against wall, rotate, tighten core, does your back hurt? Squeeze your abs

While skiing, your legs are working hard and need to be stable and under control. Those exercises help you to stabilize your legs and strengthen your core.

Circuit 2 for Strength & Stability

  • Weighted step-ups - for coordination and lower body strength, choose your own weight, slowly and controlled
  • Power lunges - for glutes and legs, keep a 90° angle and do not push your knee over your foot
  • Side-plank hand-to-foot - for core stability and coordination, bring your bottom foot forward, lift up into side-plank, bring your top hand from the head to the bottom foot and bring it back

This circuit focusses on coordination and leg stability as well as strength which will benefit you while skiing.

Circuit for Endurance/Cardio

  • Sled push/ pull- brace core, drop bum, chest out, stabilize shoulders
  • Sliding mountain climbers- core stability, upper body stable, only move legs
  • Sliding ham curls- glutes and core, lift glutes, slide, both or single leg
  • Narrow push-up- hands and elbow tight, can be also done on the knees
  • Heavy ball pick-up+over- whole body strength and conditioning, brace the core, bring ball to lap, readjust, to shoulder, open the hips, over top
  • Bosu squats- leg strength and coordination drop down to squat, touch front

This circuit includes 6 exercises, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. Such an interval is considered cardio, also known as HIIT. While keeping your heart-rate up, your muscles are working hard.

Don´t forget to cool down and stretch after the work-out!

If you don´t have the right equipment, you can always adjust the exercises, implement new ones or leave some out. Feel free to share your thoughts and let us know how you completed the work-out! Was it challenging for you?

If you are in the Comox Valley, Morgan and the whole Wild+United family will welcome you with open arms. Check out their website, to see more workouts offered by Wild+United:


You can also check out their Instagram and facebook profile, where they share daily updates about their workouts and members!

Fb: Wild+ United Athletics
Ig: wild_and_united

Thank you, Morgan, for letting us join! It was a fun and challenging hour!

Science Friction - Ski Technique Diagnostics

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Science Friction - Ski Technique Diagnostics

Outsmart your ski instructor and troubleshoot your own ski technique

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